A Gem in West Sussex

It’s hard to know the moment I fell in love with the Garden at Parham House. Was it the first time years ago that I spied the gargantuan proportions of the show-off Cardoons? They seemed beamed down from another world. Was it the instant when dawn light crept over the high East Wall of the aptly named Walled Garden and my heart raced at the glorious shapes and colours coming to life?

It’s hard to know which season is best there. My heart is fickle. I obsessively photograph the tulips in spring. But the poppies then take my fancy. Who wouldn’t love this blowsy bubble-gum confection?Blog_Oriental Pink Poppies-6

Autumn has arrived. The colours are muted as the Garden readies for winter. Just a few flagrant flaming asters and dahlias sing out for attention.

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